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How To Grow Watermelons

Watermelon.--The watermelon is shipped everywhere in such enormousquantities, and it covers so much space in the garden, thathome-gardeners in the North seldom grow it. When one has room, it shouldbe added to the kitchen-garden. One ounce of seed will plantthirty hills.

There are several white or yellow-fleshed varieties, but aside fromtheir oddity of appearance they have little value. A good watermelon hasa solid, bright red flesh, preferably with black seeds, and a strongprotecting rind. Kolb Gem, Jones, Boss, Cuban Queen, and Dixie are amongthe best varieties. There are early varieties that will ripen in theNorthern season, and make a much better melon than those secured onthe market.

The so-called "citron," with hard white flesh, used in making preserves,is a form of watermelon.