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Get Healthy, Grow Vegetables!

Growing your own vegetable garden is not only very rewarding, but also a great way to save money while eating nutritious produce that is very good for you.

In this section of we look at different types of common, and some less common, types of vegetables you'd be likely to plant in your garden. For information please select from the left hand menu!

Grow A Better Garden

Soil is everything. Preparing good soil takes preparation in advance, planning and some hard work. Many a garden is spoilt by bad soil, it really is the difference between success and failure. After all, how can a plan be expected to grow nutritious without being well fed itself?

Researching what you want to grow and making a plan ahead of time will take most frustrations out of growing a great vegetable patch. Certain companion plants will help each other, and having everything coordinated will save time in the garden sorting problems later.

Proper compost and getting the correct level of compaction and drainage is one of the most important aspects, after that comes good fertilisers proper seeds of the correct variety, then water. Using the bare minimum of water benefits plants by making them search deeper for their own moisture this extended root mass will help the plants access more nutrients from the soil, drought-proof them and make them much stronger with higher yields.

Contrary to popular belief, overwatering is worse than not enough water, so learn your plants and pay as much attention to them without interrupting them as they grow. This includes moving them and touching them too often. Let nature do the work and you can spend your time expanding the garden and eating the spoils.

It's amazing that most households have solar electricity, yet buy all their food from the supermarket. Most households spend around 1/3 of budgeted living costs on food. It's makes you think when you consider the time, effort, costs put towards shopping instead of planting out a nice garden. It's healthy, educational and your body will thank you a thousand fold for the experience.

Get healthy, eat better produce, save money, gain fitness, learn and enjoy the extra wildlife and beauty in your life!