Cannabis Legal in Canberra and the ACT

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It’s official, the 31st of January 2020 is here and history is made. In what the ACT Government are calling “evolutionary change”, the first recreational legalisation of cannabis in Australia has happened in the ACT, Australia. While all the news articles are quick to point out many differing angles, the facts remain the same. If you are over the age of 18, it's legal locally in the ACT

What Are The Facts?

You cannot store anything within the reach of children. Common sense right!

Can you grow cannabis in ACT?

Yes, you can. Up to 2 plants per person or 4 per household, but only grown by people who usually live there, and organically. The plants may not be accessible to the general public, which obviously is a no brainer as you don’t want anybody stealing them!

Can you smoke, eat or drink cannabis?

Yes, you can but only privately and sorry, you’re not allowed to share. It’s strictly bring your own! Not that many of you would be drinking cannabis, but you can! Smoking and eatables are far more common.

What are the possession laws?

Each person will be allowed to be in possession of no more than 50 grams of dried cannabis and 150 grams of fresh or ‘wet’ cannabis. So dry it slowly Canberrans!

Is Cannabis still illegal Federally?

Yes, yes it is. When the laws were passed in September, Federal Chief Police Officer Ray Johnson said his officers would focus instead on tackling organised criminals who sold large amounts of the drug.

"I'm not suggesting for one second that ACT Policing members are going to start a campaign of going out and charging everyone with Commonwealth offences," he said.

"I don't believe that to be the case, and I think for the most part our members understand what this debate is about, and will work with us to make it to best effect."

The situation is something similar to America with the Federal Government and States at odds, the main difference however is that Canberra and the ACT are administered as a special region by the Federal Police. Two laws still exist and it’s now legal under local ACT laws, which may lead to confusion. ACT Attorney-General Gordon Ramsay (no, not Gordon ‘F’ing’ Ramsay) noted that it would be a “strange use” of police resources to pursue federal charges.

The ACT or Australian Capital Territory is a bit different and has long had laws that other states do not, such as their porn laws! ACT was also one of the first states to decriminalise cannabis.

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