TGA CBD relaxation to OTC in 2020

CBD Cannabidiol Chemical Structure Diagram

Over-The-Counter (OTC) sales of Cannabidiol (CBD) may be legal at some point in 2020.

According to a scheduling relaxation anticipated by the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) as they study safety of CBD at low doses in the range of 15-100mg.

Although the studied doses of 15-100mg would not suit most medicinal patients, naturally, even at low doses, doctors are urging potential patients to consult with them first. CBD is largely benign and it has been studied extensively and has many applications for medicinal uses.

The wider implication for relaxed sales of CBD will have a huge impact on the entire market and allow fair trade of such a useful extract of the Cannabis sativa plant.

CBD Oil High Dose

medicinal marijuana has finally started seeing growth in the Australian market with a slow initial start. Bringing forward OTC sales of Cannabidiol will surely please a lot of patients using it for mild ailments. Patient access to medicinal cannabis is growing, in 2017, 457 patients, then 2018 saw 2,526 patients and a clear jump to 15,566 in 2019.

One can only imagine what these figure will be for medicinal in 2020, especially considering the Senate Committee's inquiry into medicinal cannabis as well as doctors becoming far more willing to prescribe medicinal access to cannabis as they become educated as to the numerous benefits over traditional allopathic treatment.

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