How Invoice Finance can help you better manage your businesses cash flow

Since we are specialists in helping SMEs, we understand what small and medium sized businesses need. We ensure that you can get the funding you need, to give your business the opportunity to grow. With over 12,000 happy customers and counting, we’ve got the experience to support those businesses that are eager to grow.

As your business matures and develops, not only does your capital and revenue increase, but so do your expenses. This can be a confronting and overwhelming time for businesses, as their finances really start to feel the pressure. One aspect of your business that might feel the strain, is your cash flow.

Some small and medium sized businesses struggle to get on top of their cashflow issues, which can severely affect their businesses finances. Cashflow issues arise when businesses struggle to pay what they owe as they’re due.

Some typical examples of cashflow issues with small and medium sized businesses underestimating the initial costs of starting up a business. This impacts a lot of start-up businesses quite unexpectedly, creating an early strain on finances.

Another common fault amongst SMEs is not properly budgeting and underestimating your overhead costs. This might be due to high rental costs, utilities or travel. Regardless, you’ll either start funnelling in more money you don’t have, or panic selling to just breakeven.

Another instance that’ll negatively impact your cashflow is collecting customer receivables too slowly. Finally, you could quite simply be doing so well, you’re overextending your businesses capital capabilities. This may require you to hire more staff to do the work, before your business sees payment.

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No matter the reason, poorly managed cashflow is detrimental to any small business. That’s where Grow Finance can help. We understand that timing is important, and that sometimes small businesses just can’t afford to wait for invoices to clear. That’s where Invoice Finance can assist. Invoice Finance can provide you with a consistent source of working capital, which can mitigate your SMEs cashflow problems. This type of business loan or financing solution comes with very low risk, as it’s secured by your own businesses outstanding invoices.

Some small and medium sized businesses struggle to get on top of their cashflow issues, which can severely affect their businesses finances.

Grow’s online application process is fast and flexible. With pre-approval within 3 minutes, and funding within 24 hours. You won’t waste any time getting your finances back on track. With Grow, you’ll never have to stress about not being able to pay staff, suppliers, clearing business expenses, or the Australian Taxation Office again. Invoice Finance is a stress-free solution for managing your company’s liquidity, with access of up to 80% of unpaid invoices owed to your business.

We pride ourselves in helping small and medium sized businesses. We know the ins and outs of how SMEs operate, and how to set them up for success. We believe without the proper financial support; you’re restricting your businesses ability to grow. From this comes proper cashflow management, giving you complete flexibility with your finances, freeing up cash for what matters.

No two businesses are the same, that’s why we take care of each case independently and personally. If you think your business needs financial assistance, our industry experts will work with you to understand your individual businesses growth aspirations. In doing this, we can work on a solution tailored to your circumstances and financial requirements.

At Grow Finance, we’ve made the process easy for you to apply for Invoice Finance. We commit to no credit checks, no property security requirement, 24-hour approval, 100% transparency when it comes to costs and low competitive interest rates with a minimum funding facility of $50,000. To get a pre-approval, just head to our website to fill out our quick form, so we can get in touch with you with our offer.

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