Australian Cannabis Glossary

Freshly budding cannabis sativa plant, healthy and green

Below are all the major terms for cannabis, cannabis use and everything related to it. In time, this into a proper detailed glossary.

Growing Cannabis: Grow Room Terms

Vegetation and Flowering Phase

  • Lighting: HID, Fluorescent / CFL, LED
  • Vegetation Fertilisers: A / B, Organic
  • Additives: Peroxide, pH Buffers, Sprays, Feminisers, Bud Enhancement, Root Conditioning, Sprays, Silica
  • Air: Fans, Ducting, De-humidifiers, Temperature Control, CO2 (Carbon Dioxide), Carbon Filters, Ozone Generation
  • Timers & Electrical
  • Irrigation: Pumps, Micro Dosing, Sprayers, Piping and fixtures, Tanks / Reserviors
  • Grow Medium & Propagation: Soils, Substrate,
  • Cloning: Rooting Solution, Tools,
  • Seeds: All Seeds, Feminised, Sativa, Indica, Hybrid
  • Pots:
  • Grow Tents: Hydroponic Tents
  • Grow Aids: Support, Netting
  • Pest Managements: IPM, Pesticides / Fungicides
  • Meters & testing equipment

Harvest Phase

  • Trimming: Scissors, Trimming Machinery, Buckers, Electrical Trimmers
  • Drying & Curing: Dryers, Curing vessels, Curing Agents
  • Extraction: Screen Mesh, Resin Tumbling, Resin Press, Screen Bags, Essential Oil Extraction
  • Packaging: Vacuum Sealer, Vacuum Bags
  • Flushing

Common Names

Ganga, MJ, Mary Jane, marijuana, cannabis, pot, weed, dope, puff, green, dakka, smoko, grass, Jamaica, blaze, sativa, indica, hybrid, green, buds.


Psychoactive and non psychoactive compounds found in cannabis.

  • THC, delta nine thc
  • CBD, cannabidiol
  • CBN
  • THCP, tetrahydrocannabiphorol
  • cbdp
  • terpenes

Parts Of The Cannabis Plant

  • pistil
  • calyx
  • cola
  • phenotype
  • trichomes
  • seeds
  • flowers
  • stem
  • roots

Marijuana Types

buds, leaf, tips, hash, hashish, bubble hash, chiras, concentrate.

Political Cannabis Terminologies

420, overgrow, legalise it, grow your own.

Cannabis Usage: Ways Marijuana Is Consumed

Smoking: Number (joint), spliff, blunt, fatty, trumpet, fat one, race horse, party joint, a joint I’ve been saving for a special occasion.

Smoking Implements: Pipe, bong, vaporiser, vape, billy, water pipe, hot knives, bucket bong, gravity bong, peace pipe, hookah.

Concentrates: dabs, shatter, concentrate, smash.

Eatables: baked, cannabutter, canna oil, cookies, space cake.

Marijuana Accessories and Implements

stoker, grinder, bowl, scissors, clippers, mulli, electric grinder, hose, blutack, thumb hole, orchy bottle, Gatorade bottle.

Cone, cone piece, bolt piece, party cone.

Jar of cured weed

Australian Common Terms For Cannabis Consumption

Pooey, sticky, sticky-icky, the shit, nugs, the bomb, chronic, hot one, the poo, smooth, filth, filthy, dank, fruity, mango, coffee, stinky, sweet, thick, stank, fat nugs, phat, high grade, premium, preemo, good shit, good gear, hooch.

Quarter, rigger, 25, 20, 50, Oz, Aussie, pound, kilo, brick, baggy, foily, foil, bag, cryovac, vacuum sealed, pillow.

thumb packed, pack us up, pack me up, it’s not a microphone, pass the dutchy, Dutch oven, hot box, stash, stashed, blow me out, tip me up, smoke off, chops up, fluffs up, ripped off, wet, doesn’t weigh up, packed up, bumper bag, huge bag, fat bag.

Hairy, sticky, dry, dense, thick, fat, huge, crystals, frosty, snowy, icey.

Piney, minty, chem, hashy, choky.

Strawberry nugs, bush nugs.

Cannabis Effects

Blazed, stoned, fucked, couch lock, munchies, jonesing, smoked out, out smoke, green it, grass before beer you’re in the clear; beer before grass you’re on your ass! cotton mouth, pasties, passed out, stinging, ripped, zonked out.

Australian Weed Grades

Bunk weed, bush weed, shit weed, green weed, wet weed, seedy weed, leaf, stemmy, seedy, crap weed, SKUNK, high grade, sinsemilla.