Cure Cannabis Like A Pro

After you properly flush cannabis plants, it's time to dry it and cure buds.

Curing properly is vital for an end product that tastes, smokes, and delivers optimal cannabinoids and terpenes properly.

Well manicured cannabis, pink buds

The first thing you will want to invest in is a small Ozone generator. Unless you are curing a giant commercial harvest, you wont want anything too powerful, as too much ozone can actually deplete the desired levels of cannabinoids from the product. You will want to cure in a dark room which has a common house fan constantly circulating air. Don't try to aim the fan at the product to dry it quicker - the key words are “Air Circulation”.

A damp dark place puts your harvest at risk of infection from mould, this is where the ozone generator comes into play. You will want to run your ozone generator for a maximum of 1 hour every 24 hours. Running the ozone generator for 0.5 hours every 12 hours is even better. For best results, place the ozone generator behind the fan used for air circulation.

How to Cure Weed

Jar of the finest cannabis

After 1 week, trim and de-stem the buds from the other plant matter (leaves, stems etc) and place them into jars with the lid nearly sealing the contents, then on a daily basis, open the jars (or drums, if performing on masse) for a few minutes and then nearly seal the vessels back up. Adding a little oxygen to the vessels every time you do this, is a bonus form of "insurance" against mould. Some professionals introduce a small amount of Ozone into the atmosphere whenever exposing the buds to open air, throughout the curing process. This is an even bigger insurance against mould.

When the moisture content is around 8%, seal the buds tight and continue to store them in the dark at a constant temperature.

This is the hard part: the longer you cure, the better the product. You might be surprised at how good of quality your product ends up when you be patient and cure properly.

Try Curing With Different Flavour Profiles

By adding different scents during the curing process you can increase the aroma of your final product and change the scent profile. Your imagination is the limit and GROW suggest adding something that compliments the natural terpene profile of your cannabis and ensure it's dry. Examples are coffee, menthol, strong scents that are food grade and basically anything botanical and eatable.

Split batches up and experiment until you have some proven winners.

This is a section from our harvest phase of the grow guide. Please also see our glossary of cannabis terms used in Australia.