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GROW cover the latest news relevant to the cannabis industry from an Australian perspective, without bias or politics.

For far too long the cannabis plant has been demonised and GROW is our contribution towards a better, more sustainable future for all men and women living with this unique and wonderful plant.

News: What's Growing On In Australia?

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GROW are excited to join this revolution and help share the journey towards a better place.

Attitudes have changed and the vast majority of Australians are aware cannabis is a useful plant with many medical benefits. The science is still growing and the medical side of the industry is ever changing and fascinating everybody, especially those with rare, difficult to cure diseases and illness.

The business landscape in Australia has grown enormously, with many private and public companies in the cannabis industry. State governments have all prepared legislation legalising medical marijuana and growing it as well. Amazingly recreational laws have just started to open up with ACT allowing the growth of plants and private use of cannabis in the home.

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